Questions you could ask yourself about your cruise aboard the yacht Scuderia

Little by little, we are collecting the most recurring questions about the Mediterranean charter aboard the yacht Scuderia. If you can’t find here all the answers to your questions, please feel free to call or send an email to our captain.

Regarding rates of a charter aboard the yacht Scuderia

What's included in the charter rates for the yacht Scuderia

The price for a charter is based on the terms of the MYBA contract and includes the following:

  • yacht charter,
  • the crewmembers,
  • food for the crew,
  • all the amenities in good working order: Annex, nautical amenities, audio-video equipments, etc.
  • insurance of the yacht.

How to get an idea of the total cost of a charter?

Just add 25 to 30% of the charter base rate to estimate the total cost of a charter. Fuel station: If your itinerary includes large crossings, fuel can represent 15 to 25% of the overall budget. Your Captain will advise you to combine pleasure of speed without exceeding your budget.

Are there any hidden costs for a charter?

Once understood the charter rates, the budget is rarely exceeded. Know that your Captain will keep you updated throughout the charter with the current spendings.

How much is the deposit when signing the contract?

When signing the MYBA WMT contract, you will have to transfer 50% of the total invoice. For a day charter or a last minute booking, we will invite you to pay 100% of the charter.

What happens if I decide to cancel the charter I booked?

When signing the 2009 MYBA WMT, please refer to the cancellation clauses. The answer is not simple: we urge you to take note and read a copy of the downloadable contract. Moreover, we strongly advise you to subscribe to a cancellation insurance in case we cannot sail due to weather conditions, transport delay or health problem.

Should I leave a tip?

In case you are satisfied with the charter, it is customary to leave a tip (about 10% of the charter price) to the captain of the boat at the end of the charter: he will handle distribution among crewmembers.

Is the quality of a last minute charter the same as a normal one?

Yes of course! The crew and the yacht are always ready to go during the high season.

Regarding life on board the yacht Scuderia

Can I use an electric razor or electric instruments on board?

Yes, we have French 220V plugs, however, you might need a special adapter. You can contact us to ensure compatibility.

Get I get seasick?

In the Mediterranean, navigation conditions can change quickly and seasickness can happen but our Captain will always try to avoid sailing in difficult conditions.

Can we go ashore?

Yes, we are equipped with an annex (small boat) and we will be happy to take you ashore for shopping, eating out, etc.

Is it possible to smoke on board?

Yes smoking areas are located on the back deck or on the front.

However, for security reasons it is prohibited to smoke inside the ship.

Tip: Do not throw your butts and cigar in water.

Are children allowed on charters?

Children are of course allowed on board, usually no age limit. The MYBA contract states, however, that children remain under the sole responsibility of the tenants of the yacht. The crew is responsible for running the boat and can’t indeed take care of the children. A nanny may possibly come on board in the case of a day charter to take care of small children (- 3 years).

Are pets allowed on board?

Sometimes, small dogs are accepted but we strongly recommend that you contact us beforehand.

Is it possible to do a charter with a disabled person?

The MYBA charter contract – changed in 2008 – states that “The nature of a charter does not allow the presence of a person with a physical disability or undergoing medical treatment”. You should know that the boat is not designed for people with reduced mobility and that space is limited: narrow gangway and stairs, door width, etc.

Does the crew has independent cabins?

Yes, the yacht have a separate crew area with shower, toilet, cabins and kitchen.

Do I have to help running the yacht? Do I need special knowledge?

No special skills or knowledge are required. Maneuvers are performed by the crew who have all the required skills.

Can we do scuba diving?

For security and insurance reasons, we cannot allow people without a diving level to dive alone from the yacht.

However, if one of the guests is certified diving instructor and under presentation of the diploma and insurance, it is conceivable to let you dive alone. Otherwise, it is possible to book the services of a diving instructor for the day. Please make sure to let us know in advance that you would like to have a diving instructor aboard.

Can we use the jet ski?

Yes, but only if you are holder of a French license. We can issue French licences on board after a basic training course as our Captain is a Certified Instructor. The course costs 150€ per person.

Where can I safely store jewelry on board?

The Scuderia yacht is equipped with a safe where you can drop off your personal belongings.

What shall I do if I have a special diet?

It is strongly recommended that you let us know any diet preferences, allergies or specific needs so that the chef / stewardess of the yacht can consider it when preparing your dishes.

Is the yacht safety equivalent to the large cruise ships?

The Scuderia yacht is subject to strict safety rules and regular checks (fire extinguishers, survival, etc.). The crew is made up of qualified and trained professionals. Your Captain will arrange to show you the basic safety precautions when you come on board.

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